Pin-Golf Tourney starts at 11 am Saturday Aug 14th

Limited to 2 entries/person. 1 entry = 1 round of 9 Pin-Golf holes on 9 mixed era machines.

$5 per entry

$1 per entry for kids 18 and under

No pre-registration. Register on-site on day of tournament.

A par score or objective target (e.g., "earn an extra ball") will be posted on each machine in the tournament. Players record a score on each Pin-Golf hole (machine) based on the number of balls it takes to achieve this par score or target.

Main Finals

All players are eligible (including kids)
All players scores start at zero in each round of the finals

(i.e., scores don't carry over from prelims, and they don't carry over from playoff round 1 to playoff round 2)

Under 16 participants in prelims = 4 finalists; top 2 get cash prizes
16 to 40 participants in prelims = 8 finalists; top 4 get cash prizes
41+ participants in prelims = 16 finalists; top 8 get cash prizes

Players will be grouped per seed (e.g., 1-4-5-8 + 2-3-6-7 for 8 finalists)

3 Pin-Golf games per round

Before finals start, par targets can be adjusted at the discretion of the tournament director

Top seed picks game or play order
Next seed picks game if available, or play order from remaining spots

After 3 games, 2 players with lowest Pin-Golf score advance. In final round, Pin-Golf score for the round determines final finishing position.

Tiebreakers as needed (to determine players that advance to the next round or when there is a prize/trophy difference) on a randomly selected machine. Top original seed picks play order.