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Tournament Play

Alien Pinball Brothers 2021 Yes Friday/Saturday No
Guns n' Roses (LE) Jersey Jack 2020 No Friday/Saturday No
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pro) Stern 2020 No Friday/Saturday No
Guns n' Roses (SE) Jersey Jack 2020 No Friday/Saturday No
Mandalorian (Pro) Stern 2021 Yes Friday/Saturday No
Led Zepplin (Premium) Stern 2021 Yes Friday/Saturday No
Beatles (Gold Edition) Stern 2018 No Saturday Yes
Deadpool (Pro) Stern 2018 Yes Friday/Saturday Yes
The Walking Dead (Pro) Stern 2014 No Saturday Yes
Riverboat Gambler Williams 1990 No Friday Yes
Metallica Stern 2013 No Saturday Yes
On Beam Bally 1969 Yes Friday/Saturday Yes
Deadly Weapon Gottlieb 1990 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Genesis Gottlieb 1986 Maybe Saturday Yes
Alien Star Gottlieb 1984 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Phantom Of The Opera Data East 1990 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Playboy 35th Anniversary Data East 1989 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Grand Lizard Williams 1986 Yes Friday/Saturday
Space Invaders Bally 1980 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Time Line Gottlieb 1980 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Gorgar Williams 1979 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Paragon Bally 1979 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Trade Winds Gottlieb 1962 Yes Friday/Saturday
Earthshaker Williams 1989 No Friday/Saturday Maybe
Swords of Fury Williams 1988 Yes Friday/Saturday Yes
Dancing Lady Gottlieb 1966 Yes Friday/Saturday Yes
Alien Poker Williams 1980 No Saturday Yes
Top Card Gottlieb 1974 Maybe Friday/Saturday No
Terminator 2 Williams 1991 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Monday Night Football Data East 1987 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Seawitch Stern (Classic) 1980 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Flipper Football Capcom 1996 No Friday/Saturday Maybe
City Slicker Bally 1987 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Hollywood Heat Gottlieb 1986 No Friday/Saturday Yes
4 Aces Williams 1970 No Friday/Saturday Maybe
Stardust Williams 1971 Yes Friday/Saturday Yes
Space Odyssey Williams 1976 Yes Friday/Saturday No
Mars Trek Segasa-Sonic 1977 No Friday/Saturday Yes
Caveman Gottlieb 1982 No Friday/Saturday Maybe
Target Alpha Gottlieb 1976 Yes Friday/Saturday Maybe
Hollywood Chicago Coin 1976 Yes Friday/Saturday No
Freeplay machines list as of 8/12/2021