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Tournament Play

American Houdini 2017 Yes Sat No
Spooky Halloween 2021 No Sun Maybe
Gottlieb Panthera 1980 -- Sat/Sun Yes
Bally Dr. Dude 1990 -- Sat/Sun Yes
Bally Fireball Classic 1985 -- Sat Maybe
Stern Seawitch 1980 No Sat Yes
Gottlieb Virtual Pin 2018 Yes Sat/Sun No
Gottlieb Caveman 1982 No Sat/Sun Maybe
Gottlieb Mini Pool 1969 No Sat/Sun Yes
Stern Transformers 2011 No Sat/Sun Yes
Bally Lady Luck 1986 No Sat/Sun Yes
Data East Lethal Weapon 3 1992 No Sat/Sun Yes
Williams Fish Tales 1992 No Sat/Sun Yes
Gottlieb Hollywood Heat 1986 No Sat/Sun Yes
Capcom Flipper Football 1996 No Sat/Sun No
Bally Party Animal 1987 No Sat/Sun Yes
Williams Sorcerer 1985 No Sat/Sun Yes
Stoner Mad Cap 1936 No Sat No
Gottlieb Around the World 1959 No Sat No
Premier Deadly Weapon 1990 Yes Sat Yes
Gottlieb Target Alpha 1976 Yes Sat/Sun No
Stern Meteor 1979 No Sat Yes
Gottlieb Shaq Attaq 1995 No Sat/Sun No
Williams Fun-Fest 1972 Yes Sat/Sun Yes
Allied Leisure Super Picker 1977 Yes Sat/Sun No
Williams Demolition Man 1994 Yes Sat/Sun No
Freeplay machines list as of 9/16/2022

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